The Bridgeport Art Center is a multi-disciplinary place. Artists, fashion designers and creative professionals working across all kinds of art forms and media can find here their space to work, to create and to share their ideas with their peers.

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We offer affordable individual studios, created especially for fashion designers featuring a timber construction, exposed brick and high ceilings that will inspire your imagination. The space also features huge cutting tables in the common area and a shared conference room.

We offer a variety of facilities, including special event space, gallery, raw industrial workspace suitable for woodworking, metal design, light manufacturing and work office spaces. We also have a large variety of timber loft artist studios and studios for fashion designers.

Skyline Loft is a premier Event Space for a wedding, meeting, trade show, conference or a party. The newly renovated 18,000 sq. ft historic building built in 1911, has a breathtaking view of the Chicago Skyline and is easily transformable into special and unique place.

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Hard to Believe

Bridgeport Art Center’s exhibition “Hard to Believe”, which opened on August 19, features work by ...