First Annual Art Competition

More than 220 submissions have been received from artists living or working within 100 miles of the City of Chicago. The jury has completed the difficult task of selecting an smaller number of works for an exhibition that can be attractively displayed in the gallery.

Artists exhibiting:

Nick Albertson, Iman Alsaden, Jose Augustin Andreu, Sue Arends, Sarah Barnhart-Fields, Carrie Betlyn-Eder, Ann Blaas, Douglas Boehm, Karen Boykin, Jens Brasch, Jerry Cargill, Larry Chait, Matthew Coglianese, Lora Delastowicz-Wierzbowski, Anne Evans, Carry Feeman, Joel Fisher, Joe Fournier, Sharon France, Pamela Hobbs, Carolyn  Cronin Hughes, C J Hungerman, Azadeh Hussaini, Doreen Johnson, George  Kassal, Jeremy Kepp, Joey Korom, Laura Krause, David Krzeminski, Alexandra Lee, Tom Lee, Steve Lockwood, Boyan Marinov, Michael Marx, Agnes Mickute, Anna Murphy, Victor  Nelson, Yaounde Olu, Karen Perl, Russell B. Phillips, Andy Poklaske, Judith Pollock, Brennan  Probst, Rebecca Reuland, Gina Lee Robbins, Jonathan M. Romero, Marci Rubin, Deirdre Schanen, Dian Sourelis, Kyle Surges, Bob Tanner, Faigie Tanner, Pearlie Taylor, Adam Thomas, Anna Vlaminck,  Peter V. Walsh, Shawn Warren, Kathy Weaver, Ana Zanic and Fotios Zemenides.

Image: Kyle Surges “Unwrapped Miniature”

First Annual Art Competition

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