ENCAUSTIC 2017: Rebirth of an Ancient Medium

July 21 – September 8, 2017
Opening Reception: July 21 | 7 – 10 PM

Encaustic painting is one of the oldest painting techniques, dating back to the ancient Greeks, who used it to caulk ships and paint funerary portraits on sarcophagi. In Greek, the word “encaustic” means “to heat or burn in”. Encaustic consists of natural bees wax and damar resin (crystallized tree sap). Heat is used throughout the process, from melting the beeswax and resin to fusing the layers of wax.

The artists included in this exhibition embrace the use of wax, not as just another option in a wide range of available art media, but as a dynamic, organic, almost living medium that manifests the seductive qualities of tactility, translucency, and mystery through their work in a singular way.

Photo Credit: Helen Dannelly

Dan Addington
Alicia Forestall-Boehm
Cat Crotchett
Helen Dannelly
Shelley Gilchrist
Carol Hamilton
Jeffrey Hirst
Cindy Lesperance

Jane Michalski
Ahavani Mullen
Sarah Rehmer
Paul Rinaldi
Michele Thrane
VA de Pintor
Kathleen Waterloo