Bridgeport Art Center (BAC) will announce the winners of our 7th Annual Art Competition, awarding $3,000 in prizes to artists in the Chicagoland area, during an awards ceremony on Friday, March 15th, 2019 from 7-10PM. The show will continue until May 3rd, 2019 in the 4th Floor Gallery.

From the many entries submitted, jurors Stano Grezdo and Joyce Owens selected a show of 60 examples of contemporary art from the region, representing a great variety of styles and media. Artists accepted into this year’s show include:

Adler, Beth
Adorno, Giovanni
Anderson, Robert
Armendariz, Tony
Avanessian, Andre
Baker, Heather
Balousek, Zachary
Balza, Israel
Barcal, Peter
Bernhard, Cindy
Botello, Maritza
Bowden, James Eli
Bozif, Curtis Anthony
Brown, Robert
Brucar, Shelley
Brucar, Wayne
Bult, Lea
Buvala, Randy
Cantada, Nelson
Cashmere, Nick

Cazacu, Jasmina
Chmieleskwi, Kenny
Cramer, Erin
Criner, David
Criner, Margie
DeWitt, Doug
Eaton, Kathleen
Elner, Dyl
Finston, Lya
Frazier, Anitra
Frein, Tracy
Gaines, Anne Farley
Galvan Orozco, Sara
Gamez, Daniel
Gozo, Set
Gregory, Erin
Hauptschein, David
Hendrickson, Kate
Henri, Clifton
Hensen, Kelly

Holt, Nicolina
Jackson, Jen
Jankoswski, Gretchen
Johnson, Eugenie
Kazwick, Carol
Kulla, Roland
LaJeunesse, Kristen
Maltz, Richard
Misewicz, Jennifer
Mossman, Scott
Novelli, Geoffrey
Powell, Phyllis
Reese, Terrence
Robbins, Renee
Russell, Paul
Shelton, Edwin
Sorensen, Erik
Valentine, Kirsten
Wulfers, Monika
Zanzig, Tara