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Announcing Bridgeport Art Center’s Second Annual Juried Art Competition

By February 18, 2014June 15th, 2016No Comments

Bridgeport Art Center (BAC), 1200 W. 35th St., will announce the winners of its second annual juried art competition, awarding $3,000 in prizes to six Chicago and vicinity artists in an  awards ceremony on Saturday March 8, 2014 7PM-10PM. In addition to prize-winners chosen by the jury, one artist will be awarded a $500 prize determined by popular vote at the opening reception.

“From the many entries submitted, jurors Kobayashi and Mooney had the difficult task of selecting only as many works could be properly displayed in the gallery”, said Lelde Kalmite, curator at BAC. “This large exhibit presents a diverse and fascinating overview of contemporary art in Chicago.”

Artists accepted into this year’s show include:

Allen, Kris
Avick, Kenneth
Bedford, Robert
Bellomo, Andy
Betlyn-Eder, Carrie
Boehm, Douglas
Calvert, Benjamin F.
Carnell, Stephanie Samaitis
Chew-Wallace, Christie
Christopoulos, Andrew G.
Corazzo, Michele
Delastowicz-Wierzbowski, Lora
Denomme, Natalie
Dvorak, Carla
Elkins, Janice
Feeman, Cathy
Firme, Kevin
Fournier, Joe
Fydryck, Walter
Gauthier, Kathryn
Geary, Joan
Gentry, Amanda
Gilmore, Sharon
Gniech, Charles
Goldsmith, Barbara
Good, Max
Grezdo, Stanislav
Hirsch, Karen
Hussaini, Azadeh
Karamitsos, Stephanie
Kirhoff, Jim
Klingelhofer, Fred
Korom, Joey
Krug, William R.
Kulla, Roland
Lanza, Gabe
Lee, Cynthia J.
Link, Gary (Hal)
Madrigal, Desiree
Martin, Phil
McNulty, Jennifer
Miller, Justin
Mohr, Jennifer
Murphy, Karen E.
Nelson, Victor
Netrabile, Soumya
Oslos, Eric
Parada, Domingo
Patton, Darrin
Peterson, Pamela
Pokliaske, Andy
Porazinski, Robert
Porter, Nicole
Probst, Kenneth
Proce, Robert M.
Reed, Mark
Reif, Ken
Robbins, Gina Lee
Roe, Justus
Runde, Barbara
Salvato, Daniel
Smith, Stephen
Stewart, Patricia
Sutton, Jill
Terdich, John
Tinsley, Ben
Tolbert, Lisa
Vepstas, Constance
Walter, Derek
Walsh, Peter V.
Wasserman, Tamara
Wojtan, Matt
Woodruff, Marjorie
Yost, Charles