We are closely monitoring the federal and local conditions with regard to COVID-19, including advisories from Centers for Disease Control (CDC), as well local and state authorities. Our first priority is the safety of our community—including BAC staff, our tenants as well as visitors to BAC.
We all have a collective responsibility to control the spread of this disease and protect those most vulnerable. We urge you to stay home if you are sick, cover your mouth when coughing and sneezing, maintain physical separation between other people while out in public and wear a mask whenever possible.
In accordance with the State of Illinois and the City of Chicago guidelines, Bridgeport Art Center is encouraging everyone entering the building to wear a mask unless they can maintain a six feet physical separation.
We have increased the cleaning and sanitizing of our building to ensure that everyone visiting BAC is safe. On behalf of everyone at Bridgeport Art Center and East Bank Storage we wish you best of health.
The BAC Team