November 20 – December 31, 2015

Artists often work in isolation with no one to offer responses to their work. In order to combat a common sense of isolation, ten Chicago women artists began meeting fifteen years ago to provide honest critiques, encouragement and feedback to each other. The founders, Linda Eisenberg and Elyn Koentopp-Vanek expressed the main objective of the group: to be supportive and constructive and to increase exposure through group shows of their work. They decided to invite only women artists because historically, and even at that time, women had less representation than men in all the arts.  Although their work has changed over the years, it remains informed by their own personal fascinations, obsessions and experiences. Artists Include: Esther Charbit, Suzanne Cohan-Lange, Linda Sorkin Eisenberg, Andrea Ginsburg, Elyn Koentopp-Vanek, Lois Long, Bettyann Mocek, Sharron Pierce, Miriam Socoloff, and Rebecca Wolfram

Art of Influence: Breaking Criminal Traditions

October 16 – November 13, 2015

This fine art exhibition features the work of twenty artists from around the country, calling attention to Domestic Violence Awareness Month as well as the ongoing ancient rituals that kill or maim millions each year—yet are not considered crimes. The exhibition utilizes the beauty of high-quality fine art to raise awareness of human rights issues and—in doing so—begins a dialogue that may encourage change.

Preview Event Thursday, October 15, 7–9pm
A Dance Performance by Jasmin Jahal followed by a Panel Discussion highlighting the connection between Domestic Violence and the Criminal Traditions. The panel will include Cheryl Jefferson and Zainab Kahn.

Friday, October 16, 7–10pm
Opening Reception

Wednesday, October 21, 6:30–9pm
Film Screening of “Honor Diaries” This documentary profiles activists working for women’s rights in honor cultures and their efforts to create positive change. Cheryl Jefferson will begin a dialogue with domestic violence experts after the screening.

Saturday, October 24, 11-2pm
An Artists Workshop: Creating Art Around Social Issues. This discussion and workshop will highlight how the creation of Art can instill social change.



Shared Creations

August 14 – October 2, 2015

Shared Creations presents art created by pairs of artists working collaboratively.  Although this practice may be encountered throughout the history of art, it seems to contradict the modernist idea that true creativity can only be born of a solitary struggle within the psyche of each individual artist.  It has been suggested that the popularity of collaborative work these days may be linked to the realms of business, commerce, and popular media such as film and TV where products are developed by groups of people working together.

Undoubtedly, the idea of collaborative art raises fascinating questions, and each pair of artists in Shared Creations approaches the practice differently, in their paintings, constructions and photographs.

Artists collaborating are: Nelson W Armour  and Ted Glasoe, Steve Banks and Jen Evans, Ewa Bloch and Baltazar Castillo, Robert Burleigh Kronquist and Ben Dallas, Rita Grendze and Krista Svalbonas, Carole Harmel and Arthur Lerner, Lialia Kuchma and Carole Harmel, Shirley Nannini and Candace Wark, and Krista Svalbonas and Lisa Pressman


June 19 – August 7, 2015

The artists in this exhibition explore the often negative effects not only on human society but on the planet itself of the notion of progress.  Massive industrial technologies have led to unchecked growth, creating an over-engineered planet that no longer supports human, or even biological, values.  The show includes paintings by Jacqueline Moses and Paul Sierra, as well as drawings by Kathy Weaver and a selection of three-dimensional works by Bob Emser that relate primarily to flight.

The exhibition “Throes of Progress” presents much food for thought in a collection of masterful art works created by a highly respected and widely acknowledged group of Chicago area artists.

Artists Include: Bob Emser, Jacqueline Moses, Paul Sierra  and  Kathy Weaver




April 17 – June 5, 2015

A Juried Exhibition With Up To $1,000 in Cash Awards
Presented by the Bridgeport Art Center and the Illinois Art Education Association

“Recognizing the Artistic Talents of the IAEA’s Northeast Council Illinois Art Educators”
The Art Educator Show will feature art teachers from all across the Northeast part of the State. Teachers represented will be from both  public and private, city and suburban schools, and from low to high socio-economic communities, while spanning the entire grade spectrum of K-12.

Jurors:  Lelde Kalmite, Curator, Bridgeport Art Center
John Zilewicz, Vice-President of the Northeast Council of the IAEA

3rd Annual Bridgeport Art Competition

February 28 – April 5, 2015 | Read About the Winners

Jurors Amanda Williams and Monika Wulfers have reviewed all applications to Bridgeport Art Center’s 4th Annual Art Competition and selected over 80 artists to participate in the exhibition and to compete for $3,250 in prizes.

Artists Include:

Linda Abrams
Ilze Arajs
Sue Armstrong Arends
Amy Babinec
Zachary Balousek,
Norman Baugher
John Behnke
Wallace Bowling
Marjorie Boyles
Tom Brand
Kelly Brannon & Vivienne Marie
Kelly Kathleen Brannon
Larry J. Brent
Jessica Bryant
Fred Camper
Marian Carow
Matthew Coglianese
Jennifer Cronin
Anthony Davis
Lora Delestowicz-Wierzbowski
Craig DeWitt
William Douglas
Carla Dvorak
Barbara Eberhard
Grigor Eftimov
Cathy Feeman
Clairan J. Ferrono

Daniel Fleming
Walter Fydryck
Ashley Jan Gardner
Max Good
Dorothy Graden
Michael Grucza
Karen Gubitz
Andrew Hall
Samantha Haring
Michelle Hartney
Jennifer Hereth
Maurice Herzing
Jeanine Hill-Soldner
Mike Hunnicutt
Azadeh Hussaini
Doina Iacob
Beking Joassaint
Helen Jones Mayer
Kathy Karp
Carrie Kirby
Joey Knox
Natasha Kohli
Joey Korom
Joe Kraft
Laurie Wessman LeBreton
Gary (Hal) Link
Vivienne Marie
Dianne Martia
Phil Martin
Nate Mathews

Fern Migdal
Ruth Aizuss Migdal
Elaine Catherine Miller
Socorro Mucino
Shirley Nannini & Candace Wark
Dobrila Pintar
Va. De Pintor
Nick Podraza
Al Ribskis
Kathryn Scott
William Seabright
Edwin Shelton
Becky Sherrod
Dian Sourelis
Elizabeth-Anne Stewart
Kyle Surges
John Terdich
Lisa Tolbert
Katherine Van Drie
Krista Varsbergs
Alejandro Zespo Velazquez
Constance Vepstas
Alex Wasson
Sam Whitaker
Stephen Wierzbowski
Carla Winterbottom
Katie Yost
Stella Zee



Obsession: Once is Not Enough

January 9 – February 20, 2015

Guest curator Susan Sensemann has gathered nine artists whose paintings and  sculptures demonstrate studio practices that are varied in terms of concept, but share a determined focus on the fabrication of  compulsive surfaces and on a practice of  disciplined seriality.

Artists include: Barbara Blades, Jerry Bleem, Carolynn Desch, Bonnie Klehr, Corey Postiglione, Tricia Rumbolz, Susan Sensemann, Fern Shaffer, Kathie Shaw, and Leslie Wolfe