Bridgeport Art Center exhibits renowned European landscape painter’s work in an international landscape show of scenes from around the world.

European plein-air painter Aleksejs Naumovs, invited to be part of Bridgeport Art Center Gallery’s Global Vistas exhibit which opened last Friday, May 17, spent a week capturing the sights of Chicago and environs in several large acrylic canvases painted on site.

The morning after arriving in Chicago, on a particularly lovely and sunny Spring day, Naumovs took his paints and easel and a sizeable canvas to a spot near the Planetarium to paint a view of Chicago’s harbor and skyline, with Lake Michigan waters an unusual shade of turquoise. Later in the week Aleksejs set up his easel by the Chicago River and then at North Avenue Beach by the lakefront. Seeking to also depict some of the less affluent and more industrial areas in this region, Aleksejs found an intriguing spot near the East Side and Skyway for his last work before returning home.

At each setting, the artist was engaged in conversations with people passing by. Although traditionally plein-air painting is executed on small or moderate-size canvases, Naumovs enjoys working in a more contemporary larger format. He describes this activity as a type of artistic “performance”.

Aleksejs Naumovs served as the director of the Latvian Academy of Art in Riga for ten years and last year was given a major retrospective at the Latvian National Museum of Art. He has been a very active curator and teacher throughout Europe.

Other artists in the show include American expat Patricia Glee Smith, who has lived in Italy for the last 16 years, Canadian artist Valda Oestreicher who creates i-pad drawings depicting scenes from her many travels around the world, local artist Valerie Taglieri who specializes in views of clouds and skies, popular Chicago landscape painter Didier Nolet, and Jacqueline Moses whose painted and photographic transfer works are surreal views of the ways in which the landscape is being transformed by human settlement.

Global Vistas will remain on view at the Bridgeport until July 5.